The Last Original Wife: A Novel

The Last Original Wife: A Novel - Dorothea Benton Frank loved this book! I recommend it to my library and then went out after I was done reading it and bought it for myself it will be one that I reread This is about Leslie and Wesley marriage, it takes place in Atlanta, Charleston and a highly paid therapist office. Leslie finds a few things out about her husband and decides she has had enough of him, their kids and the new Barbie wives of his friends. At the beginning she might as well be a 1950’s housewife she clips coupons scrimps and saves, drives a old car takes care of her husband, son and daughter and granddaughter.Her husband is in a class all by himself he puts new meaning into the mememme thing. I was rolling my eyes and not believing the things he thought he was entitled to or the things that he felt he had a right not to tell Les. She packs up and goes to stay with her brother and his very spoiled dog in Charleston. In Charleston she starts to find out about herself and the things she wantsand can do and have without him. I found myself rooting for Les and laughing at Wes when he finally realized what all he stood to lose and that she was not playing games with him. I could not put this one down if you want a fun sarcastic, quick read this is it. I also had to keep reminding myself that Les was 59 it was so well written that it could have been about a couple in their early 40’s or 50’s. Janet Hill