Georgia Bottoms: A Novel

Georgia Bottoms: A Novel - Mark Childress You are going to need a good sense of humor for parts of this book. Mark Chidress touched all the southern bases in a somewhat fun waysmall southern town, eccentric people, sex, alcohol, the baptist church, racism, southern cooking and he threw in 9/11 for good measure. I was not sure if I was going to enjoy that part of the story as I read it, but he did pull it off. By the time the 9/11 comes into play you already realize that Georgia is somewhat immature and selfish she also is not a dumb woman. Georgia grew up in Six Points what the people of the town think they know about her is that she can cook, and she makes and sells quilts. Everyone knows not to disturb her in the evenings that is the time she likes to quilt (lol)She seems to be well liked by most people, and everyone wants to be invited to her September luncheon. What they don’t know about her is she has a twenty year old secret, and she has another way of bringing money into the house to help support her mother and brother, she spends one night per week with six powerful men in Six Points, Monday is her day off. and each of the men think they are the only one she sees. She makes a comment about keeping her plates spinning at all times. As we all know spinning plates have to come crashing down at some point. for everyone, even Georgia . I also had to admit to myself that as wrong as it is if what happened to Georgia on 9/11 happened to me I would be mad also living in a small town myself, I also know that what everyone appears to be in church and on the streets of our town is not what some of them truly are. It’s all about keeping up appearances for the most part. with that being said if we all live a long life I am sure that at some point we all will act the part of a hypocrite. pay attention to the end of the book and what Georgia is heading into. Very good touch on the authors part.