Cafe du Jour

Cafe Du Jour - Lilian Darcy Love, loss and latté..."If today is a cup of coffee it has to be a big, piping hot café au lait, served in a bowl the way they often do Free today 6/5/2012in France. I drink it with my hands curved around the bowl for warmth... and for safety..."Susie used to have the perfect sister, the perfect boss, the perfect restaurant kitchen to cook in and a man who only needed a tweak or two. Now, everything is changing and all she can do is take it one sip at a time."Warm and witty... an excellent read." - Dianne Dempsey in The Melbourne Age newspaper"I loved this book. I was hooked from page one!" - Jane Porter, author of "Flirting With Forty" and "She's Gone Country""Lilian Darcy's writing is wonderful, and the characterizations are rapier sharp." - New York Times Best-selling author Mary Jo PutneyLength : 82,000 words Show Less