Time Flies - Claire Cook Perfect timing for this one I am getting ready for my 30 year class reunion.The title is great Time does fly you need to grab life put your phobias aside and have some fun! I knew I was going to like this when the first thing Melanie did soon after finding out that her husband Kurt had a girlfriend, was to cut up her marriage bed and make a metal sculpture out of it. I also liked that she had a job and passion that she loved as a metal sculptor before the marriage was over. I also liked the way she dealt with some of the fears women have facing going on in life as a single person. it was well done light and fun. I loved the music I had my ipod going and only had to buy a few songs that I didn’t have.The road trip was fun, and I agree most of the planning for a road trip has to do with the music. The antics that happened at the reunion are priceless I can remember several things like that at our 20 year reunion.I really liked Melanie and her friend BJ. If my husband left me I would hope that for the most part that this would be the way I handle it. It’s always better to cut the bed up then... well you know LOL http://dianne1964.blogspot.com/TIME FLIES BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:http://clairecook.com/novels/time-flies.html