I'll Be Seeing You - Suzanne Hayes,  Loretta Nyhan I loved this book! and gave it a rare 5 stars! It brought back memories of watching my grandmother sitting on the floor at her coffee table writing letters to her sisters back East when I was growing up. It also brought back a bittersweet memory of my grandfather standing in the doorway of her hospital room he brought her, her reading glasses and letters that had been mailed before she had her stroke. If you like reading old letters set in the WWII time period this is the book for you, The pace of the letters was great they started out very cautious and like friendships grew over time. I also liked that this one was based in the US Rita mid 40’s living in Iowa City, Iowa and Glory mid 20’s living in Rockport Mass. most books that you read about WWII are set in Europe it made for a nice change. I laughed, cried and found myself more than a little mad at Glory a few times. I had to keep reminding myself that she was only in her 20’s . Rita and Glory went through so much together that by the end of the book the relationship felt more like a mother daughter one. You see Glory change and grow into a stronger woman as things change in her life and she finds out that Rita needs her. Suzanne Hayes, and Loretta Nyhan did a beautiful job working togetherto write this book I was surprised at the end of the to find out that the two authors had never met. I will be reading more books from both of these amazing authors.As a side note I would read book:This Heart of Mine|17643583] Suzanne Palmieri and Loretta Nyhan did an amazing job working together to write the prequel for [b:I'll Be Seeing You|16160079|I'll Be Seeing You|Suzanne Palmieri (Hayes)|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1363049845s/16160079.jpg|18341426]I almost for got that I had it. This tells how Glory and Rita met their husbands and will give you their back story.