The Sassy Belles - Beth Albright This turned out to be a great debut and a lot of fun. It is a good start to a trilogy that I am looking forward to reading. she used several genres that I like, Women's Fiction, Southern Fiction and a little Cozy Mystery. I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters in the book and Tuscaloosa Alabama. I found myself googling a few of the places she mentioned. I will be continuing with the trilogy and looking forward to the next books [b:Wedding Belles|17251447|Wedding Belles|Beth Albright||23841130] she is putting recipes in this one and [b:Sleigh Belles|17622921|Sleigh Belles|Beth Albright||24593695]. I hope if the next two books are as fun as The Sassy Belles that she continues with the series.The Cypress Inn Tuscaloosa, Al.Cooking like a Sassy Belle -- Peach Cobbler