Tapestry of Fortunes - Elizabeth Berg Color me gray that's how I felt reading Tapestry of Fortunes. and about the main character Cecelia (CeCe) Ross who is a Motivational speaker and self help author.When I think of a motivational speaker and self help author the first things that come to mind about the person areoutgoinga risk taker someone who has vocal power and energythey are doers not followers.CeCe to me is none of these things.We are made to believe that she has traveled the world inspiring people to do the things she herself has put off or is timid to do herself. I don’t think she could motivate a person to take their head out of a plastic bag! Reading the book I also felt that she had a very monotone voice. I was bored by her, She was hesitant to do or try things, until she was guilted into it by the death of her best friend. Yes she did take a small road trip in her 50’s and with four woman she just met and moved in with. I thought the book would pick up then and to be fair it did somewhat but it also fell flat I wanted to hear more about the other woman, and it just didn’t get there. By the end of the book I felt that it did not ring true.