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The Last Original Wife: A Novel

The Last Original Wife: A Novel - Dorothea Benton Frank loved this book! I recommend it to my library and then went out after I was done reading it and bought it for myself it will be one that I reread This is about Leslie and Wesley marriage, it takes place in Atlanta, Charleston and a highly paid therapist office. Leslie finds a few things out about her husband and decides she has had enough of him, their kids and the new Barbie wives of his friends. At the beginning she might as well be a 1950’s housewife she clips coupons scrimps and saves, drives a old car takes care of her husband, son and daughter and granddaughter.Her husband is in a class all by himself he puts new meaning into the mememme thing. I was rolling my eyes and not believing the things he thought he was entitled to or the things that he felt he had a right not to tell Les. She packs up and goes to stay with her brother and his very spoiled dog in Charleston. In Charleston she starts to find out about herself and the things she wantsand can do and have without him. I found myself rooting for Les and laughing at Wes when he finally realized what all he stood to lose and that she was not playing games with him. I could not put this one down if you want a fun sarcastic, quick read this is it. I also had to keep reminding myself that Les was 59 it was so well written that it could have been about a couple in their early 40’s or 50’s. http://dianne1964.blogspot.com/ Janet Hill
Time Flies - Claire Cook Perfect timing for this one I am getting ready for my 30 year class reunion.The title is great Time does fly you need to grab life put your phobias aside and have some fun! I knew I was going to like this when the first thing Melanie did soon after finding out that her husband Kurt had a girlfriend, was to cut up her marriage bed and make a metal sculpture out of it. I also liked that she had a job and passion that she loved as a metal sculptor before the marriage was over. I also liked the way she dealt with some of the fears women have facing going on in life as a single person. it was well done light and fun. I loved the music I had my ipod going and only had to buy a few songs that I didn’t have.The road trip was fun, and I agree most of the planning for a road trip has to do with the music. The antics that happened at the reunion are priceless I can remember several things like that at our 20 year reunion.I really liked Melanie and her friend BJ. If my husband left me I would hope that for the most part that this would be the way I handle it. It’s always better to cut the bed up then... well you know LOL http://dianne1964.blogspot.com/TIME FLIES BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:http://clairecook.com/novels/time-flies.html

A Royal Pain

A Royal Pain - Megan Mulry I love it when books show up in my mailbox for no reason.
The Sassy Belles - Beth Albright This turned out to be a great debut and a lot of fun. It is a good start to a trilogy that I am looking forward to reading. she used several genres that I like, Women's Fiction, Southern Fiction and a little Cozy Mystery. I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters in the book and Tuscaloosa Alabama. I found myself googling a few of the places she mentioned. I will be continuing with the trilogy and looking forward to the next books [b:Wedding Belles|17251447|Wedding Belles|Beth Albright|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1367209501s/17251447.jpg|23841130] she is putting recipes in this one and [b:Sleigh Belles|17622921|Sleigh Belles|Beth Albright|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1372089695s/17622921.jpg|24593695]. I hope if the next two books are as fun as The Sassy Belles that she continues with the series.The Cypress Inn Tuscaloosa, Al.Cooking like a Sassy Belle -- Peach Cobblerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYB9800Pva4

Market Street

Market Street - Anita Hughes Anita did a remarkable job writing Market Street this book will appeal to a wide variety of ages Mid 20’s - 40+. For me she did a great balancing act with the chick Lit and Women’s Fiction. I felt that we had two main characters in this book Cassie and Alexis both in their early 30’s and both realizing they need to make some changes in their lives. Cassie Blake Fenton is the heiress to Fentons a SF high end department store. She is not your typical department store heiress. She is more comfortable in jeans and mud boots working in her vegetable garden or at Alice Waters edible schoolyard.Alexis is a very happily married rich housewife who is getting a little bored decorating her mansion.Cassie lives in Berkeley and has been married for ten years to Aidan, an ethics professor at UC Berkeley. she finds out Aidan allowed himself (cough cough) to be seduced by one of his 20 something student. She moves in with her childhood friend Alexis while Alexis husband is out of town on business. The only things I have to say about Aidan is he seems like a very passive aggressive person, and I really don’t think this was the first time he was seduced by a student. The fun begins when Cassie’s mother wants her to do a Gourmet Food Emporium in the basement of Fentons. Reading about setting up the Food Emporium was my favorite part. Seeing what Cassie and James the architect envisioned come together with all the different cheeses, heirloom tomatoes breads, produce was great. going to talk to the growers and farmers finding a local artist to do the art for the Food Emporium was a nice touch. At the same time the store manager hurts his back and Cassie needs to find someone to help fast, she picks someone her mother is not going to be happy with. I kind of shook my head on this part of the book I have done retail for years, I wish things could work that smoothly in real life.This is fiction and not non-fiction so it made for a real good laugh and a couple of I wishes. Anita almost lost me at the end of the book, Alexa's is well on her way to finding out a lot about herself she is asserting herself with the people she needs to. I liked the end of her story. I didn't see Cassie the gardener wanting to be stuck down in the basement of Fentons. Maybe if it was a natural food co-op, and she could wear jeans, and a t-shirt find a way to get her hands in the dirt, but this is more gourmet and the clientele would be different. She kind of fixed the issues that I was having with the ending, of Cassie's story, but I feel that it is going to take Cassie a little longer to find herself. I will be reading Anita's other books.Quote that made me laughDerek has done a divine job for thirty years, but he’s as dated as an avocado refrigerator http://dianne1964.blogspot.com/2013/06/market-street-by-anita-hughes_27.html
The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane: A Novel - Kelly Harms release day!
I'll Be Seeing You - Suzanne Hayes,  Loretta Nyhan I loved this book! and gave it a rare 5 stars! It brought back memories of watching my grandmother sitting on the floor at her coffee table writing letters to her sisters back East when I was growing up. It also brought back a bittersweet memory of my grandfather standing in the doorway of her hospital room he brought her, her reading glasses and letters that had been mailed before she had her stroke. If you like reading old letters set in the WWII time period this is the book for you, The pace of the letters was great they started out very cautious and like friendships grew over time. I also liked that this one was based in the US Rita mid 40’s living in Iowa City, Iowa and Glory mid 20’s living in Rockport Mass. most books that you read about WWII are set in Europe it made for a nice change. I laughed, cried and found myself more than a little mad at Glory a few times. I had to keep reminding myself that she was only in her 20’s . Rita and Glory went through so much together that by the end of the book the relationship felt more like a mother daughter one. You see Glory change and grow into a stronger woman as things change in her life and she finds out that Rita needs her. Suzanne Hayes, and Loretta Nyhan did a beautiful job working togetherto write this book I was surprised at the end of the to find out that the two authors had never met. I will be reading more books from both of these amazing authors.As a side note I would read book:This Heart of Mine|17643583] Suzanne Palmieri and Loretta Nyhan did an amazing job working together to write the prequel for [b:I'll Be Seeing You|16160079|I'll Be Seeing You|Suzanne Palmieri (Hayes)|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1363049845s/16160079.jpg|18341426]I almost for got that I had it. This tells how Glory and Rita met their husbands and will give you their back story.
This Heart of Mine - Suzanne Hayes, Loretta Nyhan, Suzanne Palmieri Suzanne Palmieri and Loretta Nyhan did an amazing job working together to write the prequel for [b:I'll Be Seeing You|16160079|I'll Be Seeing You|Suzanne Palmieri (Hayes)|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1363049845s/16160079.jpg|18341426]I almost for got that I had it. This tells how Glory and Rita met their husbands and will give you a little bit of their back story.
The Sweethearts' Knitting Club (Twilight, Texas #1) - Lori Wilde $1.99
The Philosopher's Table: How to Start Your Philosophy Dinner Club - Monthly Conversation, Music, and Recipes - Marietta McCarty waiting on more reviews

Georgia Bottoms: A Novel

Georgia Bottoms: A Novel - Mark Childress You are going to need a good sense of humor for parts of this book. Mark Chidress touched all the southern bases in a somewhat fun waysmall southern town, eccentric people, sex, alcohol, the baptist church, racism, southern cooking and he threw in 9/11 for good measure. I was not sure if I was going to enjoy that part of the story as I read it, but he did pull it off. By the time the 9/11 comes into play you already realize that Georgia is somewhat immature and selfish she also is not a dumb woman. Georgia grew up in Six Points what the people of the town think they know about her is that she can cook, and she makes and sells quilts. Everyone knows not to disturb her in the evenings that is the time she likes to quilt (lol)She seems to be well liked by most people, and everyone wants to be invited to her September luncheon. What they don’t know about her is she has a twenty year old secret, and she has another way of bringing money into the house to help support her mother and brother, she spends one night per week with six powerful men in Six Points, Monday is her day off. and each of the men think they are the only one she sees. She makes a comment about keeping her plates spinning at all times. As we all know spinning plates have to come crashing down at some point. for everyone, even Georgia . I also had to admit to myself that as wrong as it is if what happened to Georgia on 9/11 happened to me I would be mad also living in a small town myself, I also know that what everyone appears to be in church and on the streets of our town is not what some of them truly are. It’s all about keeping up appearances for the most part. with that being said if we all live a long life I am sure that at some point we all will act the part of a hypocrite. pay attention to the end of the book and what Georgia is heading into. Very good touch on the authors part.
Tapestry of Fortunes - Elizabeth Berg Color me gray that's how I felt reading Tapestry of Fortunes. and about the main character Cecelia (CeCe) Ross who is a Motivational speaker and self help author.When I think of a motivational speaker and self help author the first things that come to mind about the person areoutgoinga risk taker someone who has vocal power and energythey are doers not followers.CeCe to me is none of these things.We are made to believe that she has traveled the world inspiring people to do the things she herself has put off or is timid to do herself. I don’t think she could motivate a person to take their head out of a plastic bag! Reading the book I also felt that she had a very monotone voice. I was bored by her, She was hesitant to do or try things, until she was guilted into it by the death of her best friend. Yes she did take a small road trip in her 50’s and with four woman she just met and moved in with. I thought the book would pick up then and to be fair it did somewhat but it also fell flat I wanted to hear more about the other woman, and it just didn’t get there. By the end of the book I felt that it did not ring true.
The Other Typist - Suzanne Rindell From PENGUIN books"Take a dollop of Alfred Hitchcock, a dollop of Patricia Highsmith, throw in some Great Gatsby flourishes, and the result is Rindell's debut, a pitch-black comedy about a police stenographer accused of murder in 1920s Manhattan.... A deliciously addictive, cinematically influenced page-turner, both comic and provocative."—Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewFor fans of The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Great Gatsby comes one of the most memorable unreliable narrators in years.DISCUSSION QUESTIONShttp://www.us.penguingroup.com/static/rguides/us/the_other_typist.htmlrequest
Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes - Nancy Naigle $1.99no Kindle version up
In the Woods  - Tana French I am interested enough to continue with the series.